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Written by Nancy Deckard   

The 3rd annual Great American Clean Up once again saw busy CAMNer's working hard at Kanis Park.  A big crew showed up prepared to do some heavy cleaning.  The work crew included Bill Toland, Bert Turner, Katherine Becker, Phoebe Haddad, Bee Meldahl, Gary Ludwig, Erin Schoen, Nita Sheth, Carlee Adams, Art Lovett, Frank Otto, and Nancy Deckard.



Bill, Bert and Gary tackled the back part of the park - which required that Gary wear his waders to access the grounds.  They found 11 tires and many bags of trash!      

 The whole crew picked up around 40 bags of trash and recycling. 



The rest of the crew tended to the skate board park, the soft ball field, the basketball courts, the picnic grounds and the walking trails,  Lots to do - and a big improvement!  

For more pictures, visit the photo gallery:  http://home.arkansasmasternaturalists.org/index.php?option=com_joomgallery&func=viewcategory&catid=92&Itemid=50

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