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Definitely a Five Star Trail and a Gold Star for Katherine Print
Central Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Katherine Becker   

Our Five Star Trail walking down the trail

 Each Monday the Arkansas Democrat Gazette has a section called Happy Trails.  The sections writer, Michael Story, reviews various trails around the state.  On February 14th, he reviewed Pfeifer Loop in North Little Rock.

He gave the trail a glowing review and ranked it FIVE STAR, the highest rating.

The article talked about how the trail was a family friendly, biker friendly 1.8 mile loop near Big Dam Bridge.  What the article didnt talk about was how Central Arkansas Master Naturalists were involved.

joggers love this trail

According to Bert Turner, CAMNs trail guru, this is the only trail in central Arkansas that was planned, built and maintained by our organization.   Bert and Bill worked with the city of North Little Rock to map out the trail and they have had help marking and maintaining it since it was completed a couple of years ago.  If you get a chance walk the trail.  It is definitely a FIVE STAR!

For the complete article please go to the Arkansas Democrat and log in to see the complete article at:  http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2011/feb/14/happy-trails-20110214/

Written by Katherine Becker





  KatheKatherine Becker rine Becker is a five star trail worker and I would like to give her a GOLD STAR for her participation with this trail.  Not only did she help build this trail, but she adopted this trail as her volunteer project.  

Consistently she used her muscle and might to clear what the Arkansas River brings in during the spring floods.  She couldn't even reach her trail for a month last year.  She has battled mud and bugs to bring this trail to a 5 star rating!  

After reading this review today, I went and walked the trail.  In the hour that I walked the trail,  I saw walkers with dogs, bikers, joggers and evidence of horses.  This is one well used trail through the woods.  I think many people enjoy using it because I never saw a rock, only soft earth that felt good on my feet.   Well done Katherine!  And thank you for all your volunteer hours you spend maintaining this trail for us to use. 

Katherine  was in the first class of CAMN and deserves recognition for all she has done for the organization.

Others that have helped Katherine over the years on this trail are Mary Pearson, Kathy Searcy, Frank Otto, Tom Stramel, Nancy Deckard and Cathy Porter.    Written by Martha Bowden


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