How do I join?

Welcome to the Arkansas Master Naturalists Website.

Want to become an Arkansas Master Naturalist?

Becoming a Master Naturalist involves attending at least 40 hours of initial training on Arkansas animals, plants, geology and conservation. Training is held on Saturday's starting in January and ending in May. Take a look at the Class Schedule below for your area.

To become a Certified Master Naturalist each year,  you would need to perform at least 40 hours of volunteer work and acquire 8 hours of advanced training each year.

2014-2015 Class Schedules and Applications for each chapter are listed below:

Central Arkansas Master Naturalists  (CAMN)

CAMN 2015 Class Schedule

2015 CAMN Application

Diamond Lakes Arkansas Master Naturalists  (DLAMN)   

2015 DLAMN Class Schedule
2015 DLAMN Application

North Central Arkansas Master Naturalists  (NCAMN)

2015 NCAMN Class Schedule
2015 NCAMN Application

Northeast Arkansas Master Naturalists  (NEAMN) (info to come)

Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists  (NWAMN)

2015 NWAMN Spring Class Schedule

2014 NWAMN Fall Class Schedule

2015 NWAMN Application


River Valley Arkansas Master Naturalists (RVAMN)

2015 RVAMN Application
(Schedule to come)


The Program

The Arkansas Master Naturalist program is a volunteer organization dedicated to educating its members and giving back to the community through volunteer work.
Levels in the Master Naturalist Program:
  • Naturalist-in-training (NIT) - a person currently taking the 40 hours of required naturalist training.
  • Master Naturalist -  a person who completed the required training and is current with the annual dues.
  • Certified Master Naturalist - a person who has 1) Performed 40 hours of volunteer work (see volunteer page for more information); and 2) Acquires 8 hours of Advanced Training each year.


Naturalists-in-training instruction will take the form of both classroom lectures and practical application of newly acquired skills.  The subject matter covered will vary considerably but will focus on our natural world. Areas that will be covered include ecology, native plants and animals, geology, botany, meteorology, astronomy, public land use, interpretation, trail design and maintenance, stream quality evaluation and testing and more.

Approximately 60 hours of classroom and outdoor instruction will be offered on Saturdays, typically 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. of which the NITs will need to attend 40 hours to graduate. Training typically starts in January and graduation is in May, however some chapters may have training in the fall.

Check the chapter class training schedule in your area for specific dates and times.

Cost first year is: $165.00

  • $135 covers the cost of training,  literature materials, t-shirt, and name tag
  • Annual dues for the year after graduation - $30.00 based on a fiscal year of June 1st to May 31st.


  • We recommend applying early to reserve your spot in the program.
  • We can only accept a limited number of people.
  • Please print and fill out the appropriate chapter application for your area and mail it to the address on the application with your check to reserve your spot.
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