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Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Bobbie Hackler   

A group of Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists volunteering Saturday morning, June 21st at the Fayetteville Farmers Market. The volunteers promoted our NWAMN group, the upcoming fall class that starts August 26th, and also educated the public about native plants, invasive plants, pollinators, and our watersheds.


A Special thanks goes out to Warren Fields, our President Elect for sharing his native plants for the market. Thanks to all who participated.


NCAMN Feasts on Lambs Quarters at Ozark Folk Center State Park Print
North Central Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Nell Doyle   

Lambs QuartersFollowing a recent morning work session in the Ozark Folk Center (OFC) kitchen garden, NCAMN volunteers feasted on an edible wild green known as lambs quarters that they had thinned from the Center’s gardens. OFC Herbalist Tina Marie Wilcox demonstrated how to cook the greens with olive oil, wild onion and garlic, vinegar and nutmeg. Among other dishes that complemented the feast were OFC Craft Director Jeanette Larson’s homemade herbed goat cheese and NCAMN volunteer Wendy R. Johnson’s cornbread.


 OFC Herbalist Tina Marie Wilcox demonstrates cooking lambs quarters for NCAMN volunteers












After lunch, the NCAMN/OFC team toured the Center’s gardens with other park visitors and learned about how native plants were used medicinally in previous centuries. For example, Solomon’s Seal, the root of which Tina is pointing to in the photo, was used in an infusion for pulmonary and stomach ailments and as a poultice for various inflammations and bruises.


OFC Herbalist Tina Marie Wilcox discusses early  medicinal uses of Solomon’s Seal, an Ozarks native 










The NCAMN/OFC Team helps cultivate and maintain native plant and herb gardens at the OFC State Park. The Heritage Herb Gardens display a variety of plants used as food and medicine by early inhabitants of the Ozark region of Arkansas.

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