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RVAMN Dardanelle Rock & Road Trash Pick Up Print
River Valley Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Phil Wanzer   

Dardanelle Rock & Road Trash Pick Up 7/12/14


I think we all knew it was going to be hot and we weren’t disappointed. There were 8 of us, a good number for a clean up. 4 were from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission and 4 Master Naturalists. The heritage commission was in charge, which was a nice change for me, not having to be the leader.

Just before we started cleaning the roadway I gave one of my little speeches, when one organizes a clean up you want there to be trash, but there lies the paradox, you want trash but you don’t want people to throw trash. I didn’t have anything to worry about as there was plenty of trash all around the area.

We completed the road clean up, before we started up the rock I just had to tell everyone what I had been thinking about. Just think, 100, 1000 maybe 5000 years ago, on top of the rock, people sat, just where you can sit. They looked far to the east down the Arkansas River, far to the west up the river and north into the Ozarks. Amazing it is. I also went over safety stuff, as it is a tough climb up to the top, I stressed that we need to watch each other. It was hot and steep, tough going.

At the top we marveled at the rock formations. I said that is lysin, ah, liesin banding.  Thanks to google we got it right, Liesegang banding it was. Look it up, cool stuff. The view from the top was breathtaking. Just as I said you could see for miles. There were several bowl type depressions in the rock, some even had water and Mosquito larva in them, I said just imagine they may have had fire and maybe a stew cooking. Hey, even 1000 years ago they had to eat.

We made our way back down, slowly and safely. At the bottom we took stock, no injuries, only wet and dirty clothes, very wet I will add. And I’ll tell you the road way looked nice, no trash. I think we all agreed, a great clean up and a great time. As a bonus the Heritage Commission gave us all, new water containers, compasses, magnets for the refrig and super fine writing pens.



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Cove Creek Natural Area Cleanup Print
Central Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Joe Tucker   

Saturday, July 26th, the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission sponsored a trail day at their Cove Creek Natural Area located in Northern Faulkner County at the border with Conway County, NW of Greenbrier.   Present to rid the trail of invasive species, mainly Privet, were Burt Turner, Katherine Becker, Margaret Malek, Monica Maybry, and photographer Joe Tucker. (Group picture order left to right).

It was a gorgeous day with Blue Birds and Blue Bird skies.  The cool morning rapidly rose to 86 degrees by 10:00 AM with humidity to match, but starting out at 8:30 was not so bad.  The forest was still damp, and the mosquitoes were a bit fierce.   Wishing for a portable Thermacell® and 100% DEET to keep the ticks and chiggers at bay!  The crew worked tireless while Joe took pictures. Thanks to our expert botanist, the native Hawthorn was spared and only the Privet dug up. Don’t forget to leave the roots up in the air and not on the ground least it sprout right back! 

This is a really pretty area with flat top ridges and sandstone bluffs.  Bottom land hardwoods exists along the creeks with Sycamore and river birch, and the uplands of oak and open forest and some Pine thanks to controlled burns. Interspersed are wetland glades with small streams.   Wild flowers are in abundance.

Photographically, the Cove Creek overlook is nice, but you will need your ultra-wide angle lens to do it justice, and the best pictures will be in the late afternoon as the over-look is east facing.

Following the Heritage Commission’s driving directions take  you on a very scenic route up through Wooster.   A bit quicker and less curvy way is to go up Hwy 65 North out of Conway past Greenbrier.  Turn left at the crest of the hill onto Republican Road which will be the first left past the Pinnacle Propane Company on the left.  There is also a house at the NW corner displaying the red Hog Flag of  U of A.  Staying on Republican, a nicely paved and wider road, will take you into the Mallet Town Road.   The right turn off of Mallet Town Road onto the Town Circle road is at the CCC era stone church (Methodist). If you go past the church, you missed it.   Right turn onto JD road is a narrow gravel road at an old falling down abandoned frame house of yester year.  The parking circle is at the end of JD road.  Please go. Have fun. Commune with nature, and pull up the Privet!



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