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Daisy Nature Trail Maintenance Print
Diamond Lakes Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Dave Fastenow   

Jim Baggenstoss and Darrel Hill traveled to Daisy State Park to do some routine maintenance on the Daisy Nature Trail. They had to convince Jim to wear some shoes though!

The maintenance included lopping, blowing, weed eating, and blaze painting.  They also inspected previously installed bluebird boxes and cleaned/ repaired where needed.
In addition they installed a butterfly overwintering box in the perennial garden behind the Visitor Center.

Darrell took all the teasing that was forked out during the day (quite a bit actually!) with a sense of humor.












Tamara Lunsford ( Park Superintendent ) and Emily Young (Asst. Park Supt) were there to meet the group and to give a first hand look at the trail.  They also had an opportunity to identify a couple of trees that we were trying to pinpoint with a name --- Jim thinks they are Chinese Chestnuts.

Tamara also offered the group some left over lumber pieces to use at our discretion. This supply was gladly loaded up and will be turned into some great wildlife housing.

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NWAMN 2014 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Print
Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Steve Sampers and Bobbie Hackler   

Steve Sampers presenting Lila Beattie the NWAMN 2014 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award.

Lilia Beattie has been selected at the Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalist (NWAMN) “ 2014 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.” Lilia has a passion for sharing nature with others. She earned a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California in Santa Cruz and a Master's degree in Environmental Education from Lesley University’s Audubon Expedition Institute. Professionally, she has taught outdoor education in Hawaii and California and currently is an Adjunct Faculty member at Northwest Arkansas Community College. Since 2008 Lilia has resided in the interior highlands of the Ozark Plateau, specifically, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where she is focused on raising her two daughters.

Lilia has been an Arkansas Master Naturalist since 2011 and assumed duties as the chapter’s Vice President of Curriculum in 2012. She has been responsible for developing and scheduling the chapter’s annual Naturalists in Training program for new members, covering more than 18 environmental topics over 13 Saturdays. Lilia immediately revitalized the 2012 annual training program, requiring the educators to supplement their class room presentations with class activities and field studies to further enhance the trainee’s learning experience. Continuing to strive to improve the ability to reach out to a younger audience, in 2014 she approached the Northwest Arkansas Community College and was appointed to organize and teach two Spring 2014 Environmental Studies courses, a 3 credit hour and a 1 credit hour, which also provided these students the opportunity to become an Arkansas Master Naturalist upon course completion. In addition to teaching the Spring NWACC classes, Lilia also developed and arranged the Spring 2014 Naturalist in Training course schedule. She continues to teach an NWACC 2014 Fall semester 3 credit hour Environmental Studies course while planning and scheduling the northwest area’s 2015 Spring Arkansas Master Naturalist training classes.

Lilia is continually striving to find ways to modify and expand the NWAMN training programs, to educate and influence citizens to become stewards of their environment by increasing their awareness and knowledge. Through her outstanding guidance and management of the training programs, the quality of environmental education provided to chapter members has significantly improved. The expansion of the NWAMN training programs in 2014 with NWACC has been a truly outstanding achievement, expanding the Master Naturalist educational outreach.

Congratulations to Lilia as being chosen Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalist for 2014. The NWA chapter gives our sincere appreciation for her dedicated service.





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